A screen protector for iPhone 5 turns phone into glasses-free 3D display, created using nano-technology. Video embedded below:

Transform your mobile device into your own portable 3D screen, with the simple application of one incredibly tricked-up screen protector. NO glasses required!

The world’s first glasses-free 3D is built with nanotechnology. The EyeFly 3D screen is covered in microscopic lenses less than one thousandth of a millimetre in size. Utilising ultra-thin screen protector film with high optical transparency, standard 2D viewing experiences negligible pixelation. But the real payoff? Incredible 3D without the need for glasses.

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The full iOS 7 video that is now living on

Between 2017 and 2018, the mobile Internet will grow by 5.1 exabytes per month — a little over three times the estimated size of the entire mobile Internet in 2013.

There Will Be Nearly 5 Billion Mobile Users By 2018 via BusinessInsider

That is a mind blowing amount of data.  And more and more of this data will be generated and communicated over mobile enabled business apps as mobile becomes completely ingrained with our flow and personal space.

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